Stone Church, aptly named as the rock upon which Church’s was founded, was born in 1675 and trained as a cordwainer or master shoemaker.

Now as in the past, it takes up to eight weeks to produce a pair of Church’s shoes, each undergoing over 250 detailed manual operations before it leaves the factory. 100% of Church’s men’s welted shoes are manufactured in Northampton. The Goodyear construction, that has given English footwear its worldwide fame, has proved to be both complex and reliable. Instead of being stitched directly together, the sole and upper are first stitched on to a “welt”, a strip of hand-cut leather, which is then in turn stitched on to the bottom of the shoes in the early stages of manufacture. This construction means that the sole can be easily detached from the bottom of the shoe in the case of a repair and be resoled for a second life.

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